Project completed as a design challenge for a job interview. Short 3-day design challenge to redesign a Shaw Academy course information page. The project aim was to increase usability and encourage more people to enrol. 

The Problem: The page didn't look professional and new users struggled to trust it. 

You can view the final design here, however you'll just have to imagine the box on the right sticking with you as you scroll!​​​​​​​
First Steps: Competitor research and user profiling
Next Steps: Initial design process using a wireframe
Initial design next to a screen-grab of the current design as a comparison. The design now has far more hierarchy and spacing.
Final steps: Looking good but a bit more tweaking needed. Also one of the issues I gained from Emily was that she wanted to know what would happen after finishing the course.
Latest design next to the wireframe I created.
The course information box on the right is information lifted from the current site but more bold and eye-catching. It moves with you as you scroll down the page so that you always have a CTA on the page.
Including reviews from previous students, I got from adapting the “Success Stories” section on the current site. The star scoring system is used all over the internet and provides a visual aid to reviews. Within seconds a user can get a feel for the value of the course, which is one of the questions Emily wanted to be answered. Having all existing reviews on the site shows that the brand care what their students experience. This could be a motive for others to join.

Another motive to join could be the free trial therefore I have moved the pricing section up to the top of the page. It honestly states that it is only a trial and you will have to pay for it once it's over. This transparency should encourage users to trust the site and therefore engage with the brand.

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